Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas is Coming!

Oh Look!  Mom has put up her Christmass village!  I have a great view from up here....

Look at all those little people!

Mom says that white stuff is snow, but why isn't it melting?

I wish I could play with those people, especially that dog....

I just love the city lights at night!  Makes a nice night light for me.

Hey!  I just realized Christmas must be here soon!  Santa will be coming !

I believe....I believe....I believe....


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Little Sheep Quilt

I've had this kit forever and finally made it.  It's only 13" x 15" so it goes pretty fast once you get all your pieces cut.  All the applique is wool and I really enjoyed working with that and want to do more with wool.  I love the teeny tiny buttons they included for eyes.  Handwork is my favorite thing to do and this was very relaxing!

The kit is called "Wooly Sheep"

Monday, September 5, 2011

My Backyard

My hummingbirds have been very active lately making it a challenge to keep the feeder filled.  Saturday I had 4 fighting over it.  Finally 2 decided to call a truce and drink together.  I guess their filling up for their migration.

I love to watch the birds enjoy their baths. :)  This is a young robin ....

tickled me...looks like another bird is waiting his turn.  There was some serious splashing going on!

We had another storm knock a tree limb down.  I thought it was interesting how this cardinal blends in so well with the dried leaves.  We have finally got that large limb cleaned up!

Earlier this summer I wondered what got my flowers.  I think I found the culprit!  We had lots of bunnies this year in our backyard.

This is a common routine for Annie.  She has a good view of the outside wildlife.

She hates it when I'm outise and she's not.  She can look so pitiful but it's not worth the risk.  I wish she could understand!

Looking forward to all the fall colors but not the cold.  I guess I'll snuggle with Annie on the chilly nights coming.  :)

Friday, August 5, 2011


I got several chuckles from this website describing a DIYer.  Several things I can relate too!  Anyone who loves to do home projects will find something here that sounds familiar. :)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Computer Buddy

I think I need a new arrangement.  :)


We had a horrible thunderstorm last night that began about 11:30 p.m.  I was still up and thought at first it was hailing but it turned out to be debris hitting out windows and house.  Thunder and lightning were continuous!  Power went out and DH finally got up to sit in the dark with me.  Thunder was too loud to sleep.  Thankful I had my Ipad and could look up the weather radar to see where the storm was and check weather warnings.

DH finally went back to bed when we thought it was dying down and than BOOM! we heard the loudest thunder clap we've ever heard.  It was really weird.

Power was out for about 9 hrs.  I finally went to bed about 3 a.m.  I can't sleep when I know there is a storm coming late at night.  This would have been impossible to sleep through anyway.

We woke up to this in our back yard.....

Beautiful view out my kitchen window.

Backyard right beside the deck.

All those brown spots are where we lost trees in last storm and the stump ground up.  I think we lost 7 trees then.

Looks similar to our April tornado.

Actually the top of a tree evidently snapped off and fell.  We had really strong winds, weatherman called it a downburst.  I rarely see so much consistent bright lightening and hear so much thunder.  Hope it's a long time before I go through that again.

Thankfully DH was home.  Next week he's gone again.  I'm glad he could experience this with me.  :)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Long Time No Post!

Not much going on here except it sure is hot!  I Just got back about a week ago from a trip to Oklahoma to see my hometown and reminisce.  It was great though bittersweet.  I still really miss my old stompin' grounds though I've been in Alabama for about 24 yrs.  I have no relatives out that way anymore so I don't really have any reason to go back there anymore and it's not on the way to anywhere I would be going.

It was fun to see some things hadn't changed but of course progress has its way of wanting to improve upon things much to my chagrin.

Here are some highlights of my hometown....

I am happy to say this place hasn't changed!

See that teeny little building behind the pickup?  That's J & W Grill and yes it is teeny tiny....

Everyone sits at the counter, no tables or booths.  Guess how many seats there are....14!
We got there right at lunchtime and had to wait a few minutes but they really get you in and out fast.  There were random empty seats but when they saw there were 4 of us everyone moved down to make room.
My daughter couldn't believe how friendly they were.

What is the attraction to this teeny weeny place?  Take a look....

Cheeseburger with fried onions.  Yum!  We all agreed this place was a winner.

Next we drove down main street...

Looks pretty much the same.  My dad worked at the bank in the long building with that old clock that's been there forever.  My mom was a nurse and worked for a doctor in the tall building.
Here's a couple of pics that show how some things haven't changed much....

Liberty Drug store, my sister worked behind that counter when I was young and made me the best vanilla phosphates.  Here it is now.....

I couldn't believe they kept it exactly the same, even the little stools and the color is the same also!

Now on to the main entertainment in town when I was young.....


and now....

I spent many happy Saturday afternoons here.  I loved movies, still do.

In the old picture you can see the Singer sewing machine on the right of the theater.  I got my very first sewing machine there.  All it did was a straight stitch and zig zag, all metal and VERY heavy!  It was a really pretty seafoamy green.  I guess it would be "vintage" now. lol  I put a lot of miles on that machine.

After showing my daughter, Katie, various places in town with my memories she said I lived in Mayberry.
She meant it as a good thing.  :)

I wish kids today could experience a Mayberry in their childhood.